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Firearms Licensing

In Israel, not every person is allowed to carry a firearm. To qualify for a license you have to meet the standards of the Ministry of Public Security. For example; a person who lives in a specific community that the Ministry has defined as a hazardous area to live in or travel to is allowed to apply; in addition, the person must not have a criminal record, and will need to pass a weapons training and qualification course. The license in Israel is for one specific weapon, and you can only buy a hand gun or a weapon for hunting.

The Qualifications for apply are as follows:

·      Resident of Israel for three years.

·      Minimum age of 27, for those who did not serve in the IDF. ( For those who have served , minimum age is 21 )

·      Understanding of Hebrew (written and spoken).

·      No criminal record Health declaration signed by a Doctor.

Licensing Process and Procedure:

Fill out the Private Firearms Licence application and the Medical Declaration ( which must be signed by a Doctor )  -

2 Passport Photos, Photocopy of Israeli ID, Proof of Address ( 3 months of property tax receipts, Letter from Chief of Security and/or Residents Committee. 

Submit all forms in person to the Staff at the Ministry of Public Security.

After maximum 3 months, you should receive a written reply confirming that you have passed the Police background check, and that you have permission to now purchase a firearm.

Come to Caliber 3, where our staff will help you choose a firearm to suit your needs and train you with it. Once you are familiar with the model and caliber of firearm that you have chosen, the next is to purchase the weapon, and receive a receipt of purchase.

Caliber 3 staff will fax all the details necessary to the Ministry of Public Security and return to you at the earliest possible opportunity with the forms allowing you to take your firearm with you.  

The training at the Academy is outdoors in an open range and that allows us train all kinds of different scenarios with you and your firearm. 

The training at Caliber 3 is not only you shooting and us signing the certificate. The training at Caliber 3 is to leave the Academy with confidence that you know what to do when the time comes.