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Bodyguard Training for V.I.P Protection

Caliber 3 understands the complexity that comes with personal protection with each job presenting its own sets of challenges - No job is the same. 

The Caliber 3 VIP Protection Course is specifically geared towards VIP protection officers and  security personnel. It provides the critical skills as well as the unique mindset to maximize their effectiveness. Whether dealing with a threat who may become combative, or responding to a threat, a trained personnel must be capable of accurately judging when and how to respond and by what means.

Caliber 3's security instructors provide thorough and complete theoretical knowledge, as well as the practical and physical skills based on years of real world experience confronting these threatsl.

  Caliber 3 offers 12 day Basic or 24 day Advanced Security Courses. In addition, programs can be customized to meet your current or future needs.