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"One of the Highlights of Our Trip"

 I was the leader of the group from Chai Lifeline that visited Caliber 3.   It was the group of teenagers that Baruch Hashem all survived cancer…You were correct- Caliber 3 was definitely one of the highlights. I just wanted to thank you again for your generosity and giving the kids an amazing experience… the person that spoke to us after the shooting part was really terrific. He connected to everyone, and his talk in my opinion one the best talks of the trip.  His message about gun safety, tzahal and the holocaust were right on.  Thank you again so very much. I do hope that we will be able to arrange a similar visit on future trips. 

Thank you again.. Chazak V’ematz

“Fun Adventure for the Whole Family”

“Went as a family and enjoyed learning about anti terrorism tactics and how to hold and shoot weapons.”

“So Fun and Interesting”

“This was a family favorite of our recent trip to Israel. All our 5 teenage and college-aged boys loved it, as did their parents. The tour included lots of information, safety instructions, demonstrations and even fun games. I wasn't going to shoot at first, but the woman at the registration office talked me into it, and I'm glad she did. It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see what Israeli anti-terrorist efforts look like and how much they aim to minimize casualties.”

“Fantastic Experience”

“This was a fun and very memorable experience for my entire family. Gave us a great appreciation for what the men and women of the IDF and counter terrorism groups need to do every day.”

“Sensational and Emotional”

“Well let me start off by saying you must come to this place when in Israel. Yes you get to shoot a few guns which was really a real thrill but most of all you get to appreciate the men and women who are are the front lines fighting terror and putting their lives on the line 24/7 for us. This is the real deal no kidding around they mean business.”

“A Memorable Experience”

“Caliber 3 is a truly incredible facility. It is an Israeli Academy for counter-terrorism and accurately shows tourists how to combat terrorism which is a outstanding presentation. Additionally, you can shoot a pistol, rifle and sniper rifle. I highly recommend visiting Caliber 3 and it will be a experience you will never forget.”

“First Rate Shooting Course and a lot more”

“This was our third time on the course and we had, as always, first rate instructors. You not only learn to shoot, but you learn what makes the country and the security experts tick. They are dedicated professionals and speak from the heart.”

“My wife got a bull’s eye!  Careful!!”

“Very safe experience not far from center of Jerusalem. Staff are extremely careful and diligent with safety. u have opportunity to shoot everything from a handgun to the most recent army gun.”


“An amazing experience. A must for anyone who really wants to have the Israeli experience and learn about those who protect so many with their life. I came there thinking that I'm getting an opportunity to shout and was taught a life lesson and left a different person.”